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Failure to back product
Dec 2019 4 units (TAO TAO 3-110 & 1-125) were bought from Jaguar Power Sports. Less than 1 Tank of Premium gasoline was used thru these units.. The 125 was returned for repairs. After several weeks and of course Chinese New Year the clutch was replaced under warranty. One of the 110s was also taken in as it would not start. This unit (also less than 1 tank of premium gasoline) was returned after a couple of weeks with no problems found. It has started since... The next 110 was taken back because it would not start consistently. Was told that probably had bad gas or water in gas and was sold gas treatment to clean out a fuel system that had less than 2 tanks of gas. This unit still does not start consistently. Will not take unit back because not covered under warranty ! Third 110 returned to JPS (again less then 1 tank of gas used since purchase) Unit would not start-rear brake did not work.. I was told that the rear brake shoes were worn out and that the STATOR was burnt out. Neither of these issues were covered by warranty. ONE TANK OF GAS!!!!!!!! The sad thing about this whole situation is that Jaguar Power Sports does not back the product they sell. The manufacturer does not cover this under their warranty ! I could understand if this unit had been used for numerous hours and numerous tanks of gas. But PLEASE -ONE TANK OF GAS I have 13 grandchildren. I can promise you that there will never be another TAO TAO or any other product from JPS on my property!!! Sincerely David Whalen (Employee: Shaun Jackrel, Shaun Jackrel)
David Whalen
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