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If I could give a zero Stars I would bad communication and customer service from the Jaguars Powersports in Jacksonville Florida off of Blanding Boulevard the dirt bike that we bought from them was nothing but junk nothing and it's but junk still to this day we bought it right before Christmas for a Christmas present for son my son got about 45 minutes Christmas Day two weeks later we got it back from y'all still not working is spent most of the time at the shop at Jaguars Powersports then what we had it what should have happened was they should have gave her money back but no they couldn't do that so this place is ripped off so many people it's unreal because everyone I've spoken to has said they haven't had nothing but bad experience from this dealership and the product that you are selling is nothing but junk I will never ever by a single Bolt nothing absolutely nothing from Jaguars Powersports ever again very very upset and unsatisfied with this place.
Samuel Johnson
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